My Timesheet Reminders

We have introduced this feature to give the quick preview of the time cards that are not submitted.

As soon as you click the Timesheet Reminder, it shows the current week is submitted or not.

With click of a Quick Search Filter option “Last Week, This Month, Last Month and other filter options” you can see the missing time cards.

As soon as user click on the Start Time Period link, it will navigate to the New Time card of chosen week, it makes easier for filling the time cards.

Hope you like this feature!


Getting Started with tmsHUB

tmsHUB Welcome Screen

Welcome to tmsHUB! Now that you are here, we can better explain how TMS Hub is organized and how to set things up, so you can get most of your account.

TMS Hub is a SaaS based multi-tenant web application used for creating and managing user times tracking, billing, invoice and ease payroll processing. The main goal of creating this application is to make everything easy with just one click feature. User can log in to this application in two ways –

  1. Microsoft Office 365 login
  2. or Organization email Id (aka Form Authentication)

Major Features and Benefits

For User

Browser-based time-entry

Time is entered more efficiently because employees can access TMS Hub from any computer, anywhere. PC, Mac, and Linux users can all access their time sheets.

Daily or Weekly Time-entry

Employees can choose to enter time by day or by week, whichever is most appropriate for their work style.

For Managers

Missing Timesheet Alerts

Managers spend less time chasing down unfinished time sheets -he can go click on the Timesheet reminder link and managers will know who hasn’t submitted their timesheets.

Email-based authentication

Because your email address is your user ID, there are no clumsy usernames or codes to remember

Roles and Permissions


  1. Employee
  2. Manager
  3. Administrator



  1. Create timesheet
  2. View timesheet
  3. Save timesheet
  4. Submit timesheet
  5. Resubmit timesheet


  1. Create timesheet
  2. View timesheet
  3. Save timesheet
  4. Submit timesheet
  5. Approve/Reject timesheet
  6. View their team timesheets
  7. Monthly view
  8. Send reminder timesheet
  9. View projects
  10. View Assigned team members
  11. View customers

Administrator: Administrator will have access to all.